About Us

•DARN•® is a mission to help raise awareness of farming and agriculture. It was founded by Dawn And Richard Neale (DARN) who both are huge advocates of 4-H and FFA.  It’s together through the •DARN• mission, the Give a •DARN• community and the •DARN• apparel that •DARN• is able to donate, get involved and help support the mission.

When you see the word Agri"culture" (like this) it is also a reminder of the culture that so many have gotten away from.   It’s the knowledge of the land, experiences, beliefs, values, attitudes, work ethic, and integrity of the American farmer that a lot of people have lost sight of. Have pride in your work.  Work hard not because your getting paid to but because it’s how your built…to do the very best you can every day because you have pride in yourself. Treat people how you want to be treated.  Don’t just raise your kids but educate them, lead by example and stay strong in your faith.

The •DARN• brand is directed not only at the people involved in agriculture but the people who are NOT a part of the Ag community.  The average person these days is so far removed from the culture and importance we decided it was time to take a •DARN• stand.  It’s a universal brand that should (and will) be represented by ALL people and business all over the world.  There isn’t one person out there who shouldn’t be grateful for the farmers, ranchers and agriculture industry. Do you eat?  •DARN• right you do.  Do you have clothes on your back?  Yes, you •DARN• sure do.  Two words for you, FARMING and AGRICULTURE.  Without it, we would all be starving and naked! Not to mention all the designer leather belts, bags, and shoes you love so much… need we say more?  Wine, beer, liquor…Are you following us?  Steak, lobster, crab…you guessed it, farming and agriculture.  The list is endless…

Do you believe in the DARN mission? Jump on board and join the DARN mission to help educate the world and support the Agricultural industry.  We don’t care where you live, what race you are, what religion you are…we all should Give a DARN!  If anything do it just to say you have a DARN t-shirt.

How do you join the •DARN• mission?  It's easy!

1. Buy a •DARN• shirt, hat or sticker and represent

2. Get your company, cause, or event to help raise money for your local FFA or 4H

3. Follow •DARN• brand on all the social media platforms and share!